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We are now trending Pawtocol live on CMC Most Viewed for a 7 Day Campaign.

Long term project with real life working utility and listed on several exchanges including Coinbase.

Currently at $2.4m Marketcap
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New Pricing - Updated January 2023

Book via Website or Dm @TheTrendingServiceBookings
Current Trending Prices


Position #1 to #3 - $2750
Position #4 to #10 - $2250


24 Hours - 1 BNB
72 Hours - 2.5 BNB


Most Viewed - 24 Hours - $2850
Search Bar - 24 Hours - $7750

To Book Dm @TheTrendingServiceBookings

Or visit our
website and complete a booking request
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We are currently trending our client Hello Labs on CoinMarketCap Trending as part of their existing marketing strategy.

Currently up 75% since we started, with over $2m volume in the last 24 hours.

MC: $19m


To Book a CMC Trending Campaign For Your Project DM: @TheTrendingServiceBookings or Visit our Website